Utility Companies

Utility Companies

Our lawyers have specialised knowledge on regulatory and financial conditions within the energy and supply area. We have many years of experience in advising within the energy co-operation between public and private operators, knowing the special conditions applying to each sector and the cross field between them.

We have advised a wide range of municipalities on outsourcing of water supply companies, and further, we have expert knowledge within major public contracts – e.g. enlargements of district heating plants.

We have thorough knowledge of the sectoral structure, advising e.g. public supply companies to be converted into corporate form. Our lawyers have thorough knowledge of the legislation, possibilities and limitations within renewable energy, whether wind, biomass or solar energy.

Special challenges

The energy and supply area is complex and changeable in respect of statutes and rules. The sector is subject to constant political attention, and the challenge is among other things to future-proof the energy supply by means of more sustainable resources in an economically viable way.

We have thorough and always updated knowledge of the legal and commercial challenges faced by the sector.

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