Recourse means payment of compensation to others than the directly injured party. Recourse is rele­vant in connection with notifications of illness due to accidents, e.g. traffic accidents.

Employers’ recourse

An employer may obtain compensation, if an employee is on sick leave due to an accident involving a responsible tortfeasor.


Compensation is obtainable for expenses to e.g. the employment of a substitute or overtime payment to other employees. This means both cost saving and maintaining the employment of an employee, being on sick leave, despite a long absence due to sickness.


Help is at hand

We systematize the possibilities of recourse, assisting the employers in evaluating, whether recourse is an option in a specific situation. Further, we attend to the practical matters in relation to the course of events, including the calculation and payment of recourse amounts.


Please feel free to call our recourse team and ask for some advice or a fair offer.