About HjulmandKaptain

About HjulmandKaptain

HjulmandKaptain is among Denmark’s largest law firms with more than 150 employees. Our clients comprise a considerable number of companies – right from industrial groups and publicly quoted companies to medium-sized and small companies – and we act as advisers to municipalities, public institutions, foundations, associations and financial companies.

HjulmandKaptain is a full-service adviser in relation to the business community and has specialists within all areas of expertise. A major part of our legal assistance has an international dimension. For the purpose of optimizing the service to our clients, HjulmandKaptain has established close cooperative relations with competent law firms all over the world, being, among other things, a member of the legal network “International Jurists”.

Our basic values are based upon commitment, competence and proximity, affecting everything we do.


We are committed to our clients.
We are committed to our profession and support each other.


We share our knowledge with our clients.


We put our clients first.
We make room for the individual person and the whole human being.

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