We handle your case professionally and with care


HjulmandKaptain finds it important to deal with the assignments entrusted to us by our clients in a prompt, efficient and professional manner.


We endeavour continuously to develop our systems of case handling and quality control, guaranteeing our clients that our overall knowledge and expertise is available in each individual case. It is therefore our strategy to continue having a lead within the newest information and communication technology.


In general, our business clients will be assigned at least two attorneys, both being responsible in relation to the client, attending to and coordinating all the client’s case handling. This means that at least one of these attorneys will normally be available at all hours, and both have knowledge of the client’s specific requests and requirements.


Specialized attorneys

HjulmandKaptain’s attorneys all posses wide experience and knowledge forming the basis of their general counselling. The individual attorneys are specialized within one or several areas of expertise. Further, some of our attorneys teach at universities and other educational institutions, and several of them also act as official receivers or court-appointed counsels, or they hold directorships in companies and foundations as positions of trust within the Danish Bar and Law Society.


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