Our History


HjulmandKaptain, which is organized as a limited partnership law company, is the result of a merger on 1 October 2000 between the Danish limited liability law firm of Anders Hjulmand and the law firm partnership of Mehlsen, Kaptain & Nordestgaard I/S.

Anders Hjulmand, limited liability law firm

The limited liability law firm of Anders Hjulmand was established in 1989 by Attorney Anders Hjulmand, employing originally three lawyers and four secretaries. In 1999, Birthe Rasmussen, Per Christensen, Lis Sørensen, and Birthe Østergaard were admitted as partners.


Prior to the merger with Mehlsen, Kaptain & Nordestgaard, Anders Hjulmand’s law firm employed 27 people, of whom 9 were lawyers.

Mehlsen, Kaptain & Nordestgaard, law firm partnership

Mehlsen, Kaptain & Nordestgaard dates back to 1876. In 1948, the firm was taken over by Erling Mehlsen, High Court Attorney, and he was later joined by other partners, viz. Hans Jørgen Kaptain, Erling Mortensen, Anker Laden-Andersen, Henrik Uhrenholdt, and Karsten Madsen.


In 1996, the law firm of Mehlsen & Kaptain A/S merged with another law firm, viz. Nordestgaard & Partners A/S, thus increasing its number of partners by Aksel Groth and Jens Stadum. Prior to the merger with Anders Hjulmand’s law firm, Mehlsen, Kaptain & Nordestgaard employed 48 people, of whom 15 were lawyers.

HjulmandKaptain today

Today, HjulmandKaptain employs more than 150 people, including 60 lawyers. Our branch offices are located in Aalborg, Aarhus, Frederikshavn, and Hjørring.