Get advice from specialist lawyers within EU law

Many business affairs, in fact far more than most people believe, have an EU law dimension. Consequently, this means that EU law has an essential impact on most business areas.

In HjulmandKaptain, we make sure that we are continuously updated on the latest development within EU law and the practice areas within which we specialise. Further, our EU law team ensures that different EU regulations are considered in every respect. This means that we can advise you on the impact of EU law in precisely your situation and what you ought to be aware of.


We can help you with the following:

  • Drafting of legal memos and opinions
  • Addressing legal affairs concerning the EU
  • Disputes
  • Legal assessments on the current interest of EU law in specific cases
  • Conduct of cases before the European Court of Justice
  • The importance of the EU Treaty in specific cases

EU law is essential to the rules on many areas


The following are examples of areas being directly affected by EU law: EU tender, EU competition law, government support, joint ventures, cooperation agreements, cartel and merger control, personal data, distribution agreements, agency agreements, franchise agreements, licensing agreements, as well as environmental, agricultural and antidumping regulation; these are merely selections of areas on which EU law has a direct impact by means of the legislation adopted within the EU.

The EU Treaty may be of major importance to you

HjulmandKaptain can also advise you in reference to the more “indirect” impact of EU law. This applies particularly to the EU Treaty, which sets out a wide range of rights in the interests of companies and persons moving across geographic borders.


The EU Treaty ensures that companies and persons are not being discriminated against or experience barriers for doing business in foreign countries which are stricter than those experienced by the same foreign country’s own companies. Consequently, the Treaty is of major importance to the national so-called anti-avoidance rules, meaning rules for protecting national companies to the detriment of foreign companies, which is very occasionally legal under the EU Treaty.


All these issues and rules are something which our specialists in EU law can help with in order for you to be securely and legally prepared when acting across geographic borders within the EU.


Be in a stronger position with advice from HjulmandKaptain’s specialists within EU law

If you have a case with an EU law dimension, or if you have questions on how your company ought to act across geographic EU borders, please do not hesitate to consult us about how we can help you and ensure compliance with the EU rules of law in your specific situation.