Mediation – how to resolve a dispute together with an impartial mediator

Mediation is a constructive and expeditious form of dispute resolution, increasingly used as an alternative to the dispute resolution taking place before the courts of law and the arbitration tribunal.


In general, mediation is an option whenever a dispute or a disagreement occurs between two or more parties, whether in a commercial context or in a conflict between private individuals.

Dispute resolution by mediation

By means of dialogue, a neutral and impartial mediator may facilitate the negotiations between the parties.

The parties describe the problem, and during the process, individual needs are discussed, and possible solutions acceptable to all parties involved are considered.


The mediator is responsible for maintaining control of the situation and presiding over the dialogue for the purpose of considering both parties’ requirements.


Advantages of mediation

There are several advantages of resolving a dispute by means of mediation.


Compared to a legal action or arbitration, mediation is a more time-saving and cost-effective process. In addition, the parties seem to have a stronger basis for re-establishing their subsequent relations, which is of course a great advantage.


In construction cases, approx. 75% of the disputes are settled by mediation. Thus, the figures clearly indicate that mediation works.


If you opt for mediation as a means of dispute resolution

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