We protect your start-up and ensure that you have the best opportunities – both now and when you expand

You have the idea and the ambitions. You have identified a market potential and are now ready to establish your own business.

Have you considered letting an experienced and specialised attorney advise you?


As a professional sparring partner, we ensure that you will not be trapped in contracts or terms which are unreasonable, unfavourable, or which limit your liberty of action in respect of your future business.


Further, our specialists have established numerous companies before, and we know all about how you can protect yourself and your idea and how you can be in a stronger position in the subsequent process of raising capital (funding). To you, this means that we are with you all the way.

We can assist you with:


  • starting up your business so that you get the most optimal structure, both legally and commercially
  • optimising your funding and ensuring the best possible results for you, irrespective of whether a subsequent funding is secured in one operation or in several contributions (tranches);
  • managing negotiations with investors and capital funds so that you are not on your own when dealing with professional negotiators; negotiations with foreign investors are often required; 
  • reviewing contracts and clauses in order for you to avoid unfavourable terms and requirements for e.g. restrictions, guarantees, and ”lock-up” on your property; particularly, founder clauses may be problematic for you. 
  • foreseeing and reducing the complexity by being the facilitator in negotiatiations with one or more investors;
  • ensuring your shares to the extent possible so that you do not renounce too large a share with the risk of losing liberty of action in respect of your business;
  • drafting and negotiating the documents required, including investment agreements and shareholders’ agreements, etc. and ensuring that e.g. your exit strategy is consistent with your future wishes;
  • protecting your idea, inventions, and intellectual property rights (IPS) by e.g. trademark registration and design protection.

If you need to apply for funding, we can both protect and optimize your interests

Start-ups often depend on funding. Often, you will have to apply for funding continuously to develop your business concept and your product.


Continuous funding often means many different investors, and the increasing complexity in proprietary interests/ownership as well as the number of contracts, clauses, and negotiations may be challenging. At worst, you risk unfavourable terms and contracts but also that funding becomes so time-consuming that you lose resources and focus on the development of your product.


Our specialist attorneys work with funding and start-ups every day, and we can protect your interests while optimising your profit, leaving you in a stronger position and optimally protected.


The first choices may form the entire development of your business – for better or worse

The formation of your start-up holds many choices, which may be extremely important for the company’s development, growth, and opportunities. The right choices now may give you liberty of action, freedom, and economy to operate the business as you wish for many years ahead.


However, wrong or obscure choices may limit your liberty of action and ownership of the business, restrict the possibilities of expansion, entail liability in damages, or result in tax drawbacks. 


We can assist you so that you avoid problems and costs in the long run. 

Making your own way can be more expensive


Unfortunately, we often experience that the legal disputes encountered by entrepreneurs might have been avoided or reduced if they had requested legal counselling at an earlier stage.


So, together we may prevent problems with e.g. contracts, founder clauses, rights, or ownership instead of spending resources solving these issues subsequently when the challenge is bigger and more expensive to solve.

Do you want to secure development, growth, and commercialization for your start-up?

At HjulmandKaptain, we have more than 150 dedicated employees, and our lawyers are specialists in financing, company formation, intellectual property rights, compliance, GDPR, and all other relevant practice areas.


Our size and expertise mean that we can advise you properly within all legal areas, and at the same time, we can follow you and your business from its early start-up, during the period of growth, and right up until the negotiations with foreign investors.


Please do not hesitate to contact us for a non-committal clarification of how we can advise you and improve your start-up.