Design protection

The appearance of your product

Is typically relevant for:

  • Designer furniture
  • Industrial design
  • User interfaces of applications
  • Industrial products with a distinctive shape in terms of design


Design right protects the appearance of a product, viz. its functional shape and configuration. Everything that concerns the industrial product’s appearance is protectable, in full or in part, provided it meets the conditions for registration.


By securing registration of the appearance of your product, you may protect yourself not only against counterfeit products, but you may also obtain special protection against products giving the informed user the same overall impression in terms of design.


Previously, such protection was called “design registration”; however, this terminology has now been abandoned in favour of design protection.


HjulmandKaptain can guide you through all parts of the application process, right from the initial concept on the drawing board to the finished product and the final registration. Further, we can assist you both in enforcing your design rights and if, contrary to expectation, your design should infringe any existing rights.