Protect your company’s name, logo, invention or design against imitation

When developing a new product, an invention or a design, protection of intellectual property rights may be relevant.

An increasing number of companies are rightly focusing on intellectual property rights (IPR) as a natural consequence of a major development work. Only in so doing, can they prevent others from imitating or copying their ideas.


If you want to be sure that others do not imitate your company’s logo, name, design or invention, you should consider seeking legal protection.


HjulmandKaptain has many years of experience in counselling within intellectual property law, and we are always ready with assistance in your particular case.


There are different options of legal protection within IPR. Whether you need to register a trademark or a utility model or apply for design protection, copyright or a patent depends on what kind of protection you need.


What Danish acts apply to what products/creations?

  • The Patents Act protects inventions
  • The Utility Model Act protects technical creations
  • The Trademark Act protects distinctive marks
  • The Design Act protects the appearance of industrial products
  • The Copyright Act protects artistic and literary works


HjulmandKaptain provides advice within all the above-mentioned areas concerning IPR, advising both businesses and private individuals on the many issues pertaining to intellectual property law.


Is protection of a product, logo or name relevant to you?

Intellectual property law is relevant to all types of businesses, regardless of size and trade, as the intention of the law is to protect you and your company against others exploiting your invention, identity or product.


Many companies experience that their intellectual property rights are being infringed because their design or patent is being imitated, copied or violated in other respects, and the only way to avoid this is by being at the leading edge and applying e.g. for patent or design protection.


Legal counselling from specialists in IPR

Should you have any questions of how to protect your product, name, logo or invention, or if you need any advice due to infringement of your company’s intellectual rights, please do not hesitate to contact our specialists in IPR.