Protection of literary and artistic works”

Is typically relevant for:

  • Artistic works
  • Designer furniture
  • Music, movies, books and entertainment
  • Software programs
  • Paintings and photos


Copyright protects a wide range of creative products, including movies, books, industrial design, paintings, songs, music, photos, software, and advertisements.


In order to obtain copyright protection, a work must meet two conditions. Firstly, the product must be original, viz. it must be the result of an author’s personal and independently creative effort. Secondly, the product must be characterized as an original “work”.


If a product meets these conditions, it may obtain copyright protection for a period of 70 years after the author’s death.


Copyright protection is simple, meaning that official registration is not presupposed. As an author, you will automatically obtain protection by creating the work.


If your company is e.g. in the process of publishing a book, promoting an advertising campaign or bringing a new designer chair onto the market, IPR-related problems may occur. HjulmandKaptain has long-stand­ing experience in drafting contracts on the assignment of intellectual property rights, including licence agreements, and the enforcement of copyrights.