Trademark registration

The distinctive features of your company

Is typically relevant for:

  • Company names
  • Product names
  • Logos
  • Slogans


A trademark is a company’s public image, consisting of the distinctive marks that enable the consumer to identify products and services from a certain provider. Consequently, the trademark is the company’s lighthouse, enabling the consumer to recognize a specific product and the quality associating the consumer with the company.


A trademark is typically associated with a company’s name or logo. However, a trademark may under certain conditions consist of almost anything enabling the consumer to recognize a specific company. A trademark may e.g. consist of colours, signature tunes, animations, trade dresses such as the form of the packaging and over time maybe even odours.


By securing registration of your company’s distinctive marks, you may obtain a number of legal and marketing-related advantages. You may e.g. obtain a better opportunity of keeping your competitors at bay, and you may also find it easier to earn money on your trademark, e.g. by way of licences.


We can guide you through all parts of the application process, right from the initial concept to the final registration. In this context, we can examine whether there are any existing rights obstructing your exploitation. Further, we can assist you in enforcing your trademark right if others infringe your right, or we can assist you in case your trademark infringes any existing rights.