Industry and Production

During many years, we have specialised in advising industrial and manufacturing companies within lots of lines of business.


We have a strong international profile, extending professional assistance to a wide range of Danish companies with interests all over the world. We are among the strongest in the profession when it comes to counselling on international company affairs and the laws in the countries where your company is operating.

We assist our clients in meeting their targets in respect of operation and strategy, e.g. by transforming the corporate structure into being more profitable and appropriate. Our counselling comprises e.g. tax issues, general commercial law, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), protection of patents/intellectual property rights/brands, industrial relations and employment law, mergers and acquisitions and demergers and other kinds of reorganisation. Naturally, we have also a profound knowledge of the tax laws, and we cooperate with the company’s own auditors.


Special challenges

The industry is characterized by increased globalisation, insecurity of supply and increased competition in relation to new designs and new manufacturing methods. There is no room for professional foot faults or improper organisational structures, if the company is to remain competitive.


Further, the customers’ demands to the lines of industry, manufacture and production for acting environmentally and socially responsibly are becoming increasingly heavier.


HjulmandKaptain’s lawyers have a profound insight into the challenges and possibilities faced by the lines of production and industry in a globalized world.