Compensation for Personal injury

Any personal injury gives rise to a number of questions: Will I get well again? Can I keep my job? Can I afford to live as before the injury? The insurance companies will not advise on all your possibilities of compensation and insurance.

In fact, the injured person and the insurance company have conflicting interests. If you want to be sure of obtaining reasonable compensation, you ought to confer with a lawyer.


Specialists in Compensation

At HjulmandKaptain, we are specialised in all matters pertaining to compensation for personal injury. We have a team of lawyers exclusively occupied with counselling on insurance and compensation. We are proud to say that we assist more than 2,000 injured persons every year in their actions for indemnity. We can therefore draw on broad experience, if you decide to let us assist you with the unique challenges in particularly your case.

When to involve a lawyer

It is essential that you approach a lawyer specialised in actions for indemnity as soon as possible after your injury. We know the procedure and the pitfalls to be avoided for obtaining reasonable compensation.


Notwithstanding your doubts, please feel free to contact us anytime. We can offer you a non-com­mittal talk, evaluating whether it will be worthwhile for you to involve a lawyer, and we can advise you on the possibilities for obtaining cover of the legal expenses incurred.


How to handle compensation and insurance

The first meeting with our compensation specialist is free of charge.


During the initial meeting, we will usually make an aggregate assessment of your possibilities for compensation and insurance. On the basis thereof, the further course of the matter may be agreed.


A specific lawyer and secretary will be handling your case. We appreciate a close cooperation with you for the purpose of achieving the best possible outcome of your case. We shall continuously evaluate the requirement for additional health status data, e.g. by way of declarations from medical specialists with relevant medical experience.


HjulmandKaptain offers an efficient case handling at a high professional legal. Our competence has often given rise to substantially increased refunds from the insurance companies to our clients.

If legal proceedings are required, our specialist lawyers can represent you before any district court, high court or Supreme Court in Denmark.


The lawyers of our specialist team are members of the practice group for insurance and compensation under the Association of Danish Law Firms and the international organisation of PEOPIL. Our team works closely together with Danish professional bodies or interest groups within e.g. whiplash injuries.

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