Violent Crime

The State Compensation to Victims of Crimes Act provides the possibility of obtaining compensation through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board, if you are a victim of a violent crime or an offence.

Among other things, it is a condition for obtaining compensation:


  • that the injury was caused by a criminal offence;
  • that the case concerns personal injury;
  • that the incident has been reported to the police without undue delay (meaning normally within 72 hours);
  • that you have made a claim for compensation to the tortfeasor in the course of the criminal proceedings, if any, against the tortfeasor;
  • that you have submitted your claim to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board no later than two years after the injury. If a judgment has been delivered in the criminal proceedings, the time limit will be two years from the final judgment.


You are entitled to compensation, even if the offender is unknown or cannot be found.

Compensation is measured in accordance with the Danish Workers’ Compensation Act, see Industrial Injuries.


In connection with the criminal proceedings against the tortfeasor, you may have an attorney assigned by the court to assist you in calculating your claim for compensation.


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