Industrial injuries

If you are injured at your workplace, it is essential for you to ensure that any such injury is reported to your employer’s compulsory industrial injury insurance.

If the injury has not been duly reported within one year after the occurrence thereof, you may forfeit your right to compensation under the Danish Act on protection against the consequences of industrial injuries.


An injury may be recognized as an industrial injury, if it is caused by an incident or an impact happening suddenly or within five days or as a consequence of your job or your working conditions.


An injury caused by a detrimental impact, which you have been exposed to for a rather long time, may also be recognized as an occupational suffering.


An injury caused during an expatriate service period may also entitle compensation. The protection applies also to certain persons and activities without an employment relationship. On those grounds, you ought to let a lawyer evaluate, whether you are subject to the law.


The following are examples of payments under the law:


  • Expenses of medical treatment, rehabilitation and aids, etc.;
  • compensation for permanent impairment;
  • compensation for loss of earning capacity;
  • compensation for loss of dependency in case of death;
  • transitional amounts to surviving relatives in case of death.


Amounts of compensation are payable either as a lump sum or as periodical payments. Lump sums are not taxable. If your loss of working capacity is fixed at or above 50%, you may be entitled to a lump sum payment, in which case you ought to seek proper advice.


The examination of your case will be handled by the Industrial Injuries Agency under the Danish Labour Market Supplementary Pension, who decides about acknowledgement and measure of compensation. There is a four-week time limit for appealing against any decision from the Industrial Injuries Agency, which time limit must be observed.


In quite a few situations, there is a responsible tortfeasor, e.g. the employer or others. If there is such a responsible tortfeasor, you are entitled to compensation, including pain and suffering and loss of earnings, under the Liability in Damages Act.


You ought to let a lawyer evaluate your possibilities for obtaining compensation both under the Liability in Damages Act and the Act on protection against the consequences of industrial injuries.


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