HjulmandKaptain can assist with all kinds of questions in relation to insurance, both when taking out insurance and when estimating a damage.

Questions when taking out insurance

Counselling on insurance matters forms a natural and necessary part of corporate counselling. At least once every year, all companies ought to review their insurance conditions for the purpose of ensuring that the coverage corresponds to the company’s risk.


Typical questions concern securing that the insurance sums are sufficient (which is particularly relevant for growing companies) and insurance of liability and transports.


The natural time for such review is when the company is preparing its annual report, but of course, the review may take place at any time that is most practical to the company.


HjulmandKaptain has no financial advantage in taking out insurance for companies and may therefore also advise on alternative methods instead of insurance for the purpose of mitigating the company’s risk.

To HjulmandKaptain, insurance consultancy is typically an integral part of consultancy on contracts, quality management and general terms and conditions.


Questions concerning damage

In case of damage, HjulmandKaptain is prepared to assist the insured party in obtaining the compensation claimed under the insurance agreement, typically by participating in negotiations with the insurance company and examining written insurance offers.


HjulmandKaptain can also assist in referring cases to complaints board, in particular the Insurance Complaints Board (private cases) and the Labour Market Insurance (personal injury).


According to law, an insurance company shall cover all attorney’s fees and expenses reasonably incurred by the injured party in connection with the advancement and calculation of a claim against the insurance company. HjulmandKaptain can assist in calculating and collecting such amounts.