We always have a tax lawyer at your disposal, being capable of advising private individuals on all matters pertaining to taxes and duties.

Our advice concerns the individual client’s decisions on matters pertaining to taxes and duties in day-to-day operations. We represent our clients in tax cases brought before both administrative complaints boards and ordinary courts of law. Such cases may concern e.g. taxation of profits or deductibility for losses on shares and bonds, or deductibility for costs in the scope of one’s employment, etc.


Our tax lawyers frequently appear in tax cases heard by SKAT (the Danish Tax Authorities) or brought before tax appeals boards, the National Tax Board or the Danish High Court. We are constantly hand­ling tax cases tried by the ordinary courts of law.


In connection with the handling of tax cases, we have acquired expertise in criminal tax law, to the effect that we often act as counsel for the defendant in criminal cases involving the filing of charges for criminal offences under the Danish Tax Control Act.


Our knowledge of questions pertaining to taxes and duties has resulted in positions of trust with the tax affairs committee under the Danish Bar and Law Society and the executive committee for the association Denmark’s Tax Lawyers, and our lawyers are often asked by the Bar and Law Society, the Institute of State Authorised Public Accountants, or others to teach at courses.


Do you need a tax lawyer?

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