Agriculture, Fishery and Food

We advise small and medium-sized businesses within agriculture, fishery and food – both co-opera­tive societies, advice centres, manufacturing companies and companies within wholesale and resale trade.

We advise on all kinds of subject-matters within agriculture, fishery and food during the entire value chain – right from the production of raw materials, across processing for marking, marketing and protection of intellectual property rights; e.g. within the purchase and sale of fishing vessels, land or major estates, and in overall terms, we are familiarized with contracts for food firms.


We are specialists within international legislation, e.g. EU rules, and can therefore advise on quotas, environmental rules, contracts and subsidy schemes. We can link to companies all over the world when drafting contracts and agreements pursuant to international standards and the laws and sets of rules applicable in affected countries.


Further, we advise within product liability, risk management and contact with public supervisory authorities. In addition, we have professional knowledge of related activities, such as biogas plants, wind turbines and other sustainable energy sources.


Special challenges

The liberalization of the Danish Agricultural Property Law in 2010 provides a wide range of new opportunities for farming and owning estates; something that implies a consolidation of the trade and an optimization of the farms. Further, the regulation of agriculture, fishery and food has been generally intensified, both nationally and at an EU level, requiring a stricter focus on food safety, additives, pollution, fishing quotas, feeding stuffs, marking and marketing.