Advice to disabled persons and their families

Persons with a mental or physical disability are faced with many problems, and so are the parents of mentally or intellectually deficient children.

A mentally or intellectually deficient child often requires a higher degree of daily nursing and care than other children do. Sometimes, one or even both parents may have to quit working, in whole or in part, to take care of their child.


Far from all families have knowledge of all the offers and opportunities for help being available to disabled persons and their families, and it may be impossible to get an overall view of it all.

To many people, having to apply for cover of loss of earnings, support for a car for a disabled child, or cover of additional expenses incurred in connection with having a disabled child, all seems a long-term, frustrating and complicated process.


If so, please contact HjulmandKaptain on tel. +4570151000 or send an email to to arrange a non-committal meeting; we would be pleased to assist you in handling any such complex and unpredictable situation and at the same time shedding light on the possibilities of help that may be relevant in particularly your situation.