Human Resource

Human Resource

Human Resource is about your company’s most precious values, and HjulmandKaptain considers it a much wider area than just employment law. At the same time, it is an area where it is particularly beneficial to have control of the papers before a conflict arises. Indeed, we are specialists in preventive law within the HR area.

We advise both companies and private and public institutions on all matters pertaining to industrial relations law and employment law, whether it is about termination or employment, non-solicitation and non-competition clauses, matters relating to collective agreements, employees’ legal rights in case of a bankruptcy or business transfer, incentive programs or in connection with employee representation on boards or committees. We prepare and review company handbooks as well as contracts and agreements, pointing at any weak points or pitfalls.

Special challenges

Industrial relations and employment law is a very comprehensive legal area, crossing borders and industries and being under constant development. Concurrently, in respect of the employees, knowledge, experience, network and goodwill are all matters of invaluable importance, being extremely difficult to replace. Consequently, it is necessary to both employers and employees to obtain advice and assistance for the purpose of creating legally clear lines, thereby preventing conflicts from arising.

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