HjulmandKaptain has many years of experience in representing both creditors and debtors. We have wide knowledge of the financial sector, and our negotiating experience provides you with the adequate security in financial matters and issues.

Among other things, we have sponsored the composition of the financing and security structures in a wide range of complicated commitments.

We assist you in securing your outstanding accounts in the best possible way, both before and after the arising of a disagreement.

We advise on the creation of charges and on matters to be aware of when accepting and enforcing a charge or a pledge as security.

In relation to complicated commitments, we organize and implement the commercially best possible solution by way of a sale, reconstruction or repayment.

Special challenges

After the financial crisis, the demands to the financial sector and the debtors have been intensified. The regulation is stricter, and the dialogue with the regulatory authority is more intense. This implies increased requirements for soundness and solvency in relation to the community and a more profound and documented knowledge of the customers.

HjulmandKaptain has expertise in arranging major commitments and in following up on complicated customer relationships. Further, we have professional knowledge in advising creditors and debtors on both commercial and regulatory conditions.

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