Patents and patent applications

“A technical solution to a technical problem”

Is typically relevant for:

  • Technical products
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Pharmaceuticals


A patent is an exclusive right granted for the protection of new inventions capable of solving technical problems. When applying for registration of a patent, the inventor obtains a fixed-term exclusive right to exploit the invention. Such exclusive privilege bears the fruit of the inventor’s hard work, being the central principle in legal terms within the research-based part of the business community.


In order for an invention to be patented, it must be a novelty and be substantially distinguishable from any well-known technique. Further, the invention must be capable of exploitation industrially.


HjulmandKaptain can guide you through all parts of the application process, advising you in the process of enforcing and assigning your patent rights. When applying for patents, we cooperate with selected patent agents for the preparation of the technical descriptions of patent applications.