Help with the technical terms

It may be difficult to avoid mixing up all the words and technical terms that you come across in connection with the purchase and sale of real property. Therefore, we would like to help you, explaining the most common ones.

“Energimærke” (energy label)

Compulsory when selling real property. To be prepared by an energy consultant. Containing information on the energy consumption (heating, electricity, water) of the property. Further, containing proposed energy-saving measures and advice on the reduction of the energy consumption.

“BBR-ejermeddelelse” (owner’s property return)

Nationwide register containing data on buildings/dwellings, managed by the individual municipality.

Containing information on e.g. area, geographical location, use, installations, water and drainage facilities, kitchen facilities, material of exterior walls and roofing, etc.

Must reflect the facts, i.e. also facts that might not be legal.

The individual homeowner shall ensure the correctness of the information concerning his/her property.

An important document when buying real property.

“Servitutter” (covenants and easements)

A provision somehow restricting the use of real property or land.


Is often referred to as a restrictive covenant.


May e.g. imply that an owner must accept others’ easements of way across the owner’s land, or that the owner’s fence must not exceed a certain height, or that a municipal sewer line may be laid across the owner’s land.


Must be registered in the title register.


The individual owner is entitled to impose a covenant or an easement on his/her own property.


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