Real Property

When buying or selling real property, it is important to consider both minor and major aspects – and to us, there are no silly questions. It may be difficult for the untrained person to keep the broad perspective of all the documents and workflow of a property transaction. 

At HjulmandKaptain, we have a long tradition for assisting our clients in connection with the purchase and sale of real property, representing either the buyer or the seller. Remember that your lawyer can take good care of you - when not many others do - in connection with your purchase or sale of real property.


Among other things, we may assist you in:

  • Reviewing the purchase agreement and the related documents;
  • advising on the change of ownership insurance etc.;
  • reviewing the inspection report and the offer of change of ownership insurance;
  • valuating financial matters;
  • investigating any unresolved issues;
  • deciding how to provide security for you/your partner in relation to the property in case of divorce or death;
  • communicating with both real estate agent and bank;
  • registering the title deed in the Land Registry.


In other words: “Lean back, while we are taking care of all the formalities for you”

We have expertise within the following types of property:

  • Single-family houses;
  • holiday houses;
  • co-operative dwellings;
  • owner-occupied dwellings;
  • rented apartment and houses;
  • agricultural properties.

Before entering into an agreement

REMEMBER A LAYWER’s APPROVAL CONTINGENCY before signing a purchase agreement. We approve of the agreement in its entirety and not only the legal contents thereof, so remember to obtain the security required.


Are you in doubt about how to obtain assistance?

You may ask us, free of charge, about your need for a lawyer specializing in the purchase and sale of property – and you can obtain a cost estimate, if legal advice is required.


If you are not living nearby

Although you do not live in either Aalborg, Aarhus, Frederikshavn, or Hjørring, do not worry. Your geographical location is not an issue to us. Please feel free to contact us for more information, if required.