If you wish to acquire a company

If you are considering to acquire a company, you may probably have a lot of questions, which Hjulmand­Kaptain can help you to clarify. We have wide experience with acquisitions, both nationally and internationally.

Among other things, we can help you with the following:

  • Estimating the many phases of the process;
  • Giving you insight in the seller’s company by performing a legal investigation (due diligence). You will receive a due diligence report for you to identify the legal risks involved;
  • Mediating contact to financial advisers, including the auditor, for the purpose of valuating the company;
  • Mediating contact to other advisers, if required, e.g. engineers for the purpose of environmental surveys;
  • Contacting possible co-investors – capital requirements;
  • Slimming the business after the acquisition, including reorganising, preparing an estate planning, if any, making organisational changes, preparing sales etc. (what is the plan for the company? Is it to proceed as usual, or will optimization or changes be required?);
  • Following up on warranties issued by the seller prior to the expiry of the warranty period;
  • If you have no specific company in mind, HjulmandKaptain is involved in a number of networks, by means of which we can find the best suited company for you to acquire or invest in.


If you require a more detailed overview of the acquisition process, see our step by step-guide below.


Should you have any questions to the above, please feel fee to contact us by telephone +4570151000 or email to mail@70151000.dk