If you wish to sell your company

Is it possible to sell your company? If so, who can take over? Will it be required to make changes in terms of management? Are you considering an estate planning? And then, what estate planning model will be the right one in precisely your situation?

A punctual and well-considered transfer of ownership will be useful to both you and your company. For the purpose of securing continued operations of your company – and continued profit for you – it will be essential to know the long-term plans for your company and the right time to let others take over.


We are offering legal assistance, preparing your company for sale in different ways, such as e.g.:

  • Estimating the aggregate process;
  • Evaluating sales opportunities and the right time of sale;
  • Restructuring operations, optimizing the company for sale, taking both organizational and tax affairs into consideration;
  • Updating registers of shareholders – are there any hindrances for a sale?
  • Contributing to reflections on estate planning;
  • Mediating contact to financial advisers, including auditors, for the purpose of valuating the company;
  • Mediating contact to other advisers, if required, e.g. engineers for the purpose of environmental surveys;
  • Contacting public authorities, if required;
  • Performing Vendor Due Diligence (the seller’s duty of disclosure);
  • Securing general compliance;
  • Securing risk minimization for the company;
  • Distributing dividends (slimming the business – reducing the costs);
  • Preparing contracts etc. for data room;
  • Organizing data room;
  • Obtaining documentation from the Danish Business Authority regarding the signature authorization for the company;
  • Drafting of Non-Disclosure Agreement;
  • Formation and closing of contract, assisting you, among other things, in contract negotiations with the buyer;
  • Other legal considerations / advising on the consequences for the seller, in terms of both corporate and tax matters.


If you require a more detailed overview of the sales process, see our step by step-guide below.


Should you have any questions to the above, please feel free to contact us by telephone +45 7015 1000 or e-mail to mail@70151000.dk