Purchase and Sale of Companies

Do you, too, find it difficult to foresee the many phases involved in the process of buying and selling a company? Do you, too, have a feeling that new unpredictable rules, papers, etc. are emerging merely at random? If so, please allow us to help you restoring your security! Every year, we provide services to many Danish and foreign companies on all legal and practical matters involved in the transfer of business in Denmark and abroad.

A business transfer may imply several problems, if not handled professionally. Therefore, many things must be taken into account.


  • Has all the relevant information been procured?
  • Can you assess the tax affairs and the consequences of the transfer?
  • Is it possible to complete the transfer in the most expedient way?
  • Transfer of shares (“aktier”/”anparter”) and transfer of operating activities (assets/liabilities)
  • Are the warranties required contained in the agreement, whether you are a buyer or a seller?


In fact, you need to have knowledge of many legal disciplines and not least keep the commercial overview for the purpose of completing securely the business transfer.


For several years, HjulmandKaptain has contributed to a large number of business transfers within many different lines of businesses. This means that HjulmandKaptain has wide experience in this area, providing security and ensuring that you receive the proper counselling – customized to your specific situation.


In our experience, a business transfer has the best chances of becoming a success, if completed in close cooperation between the company, its management and owners and the advisers involved, particularly the attorney and the auditor. Our experience and legal specialists within the relevant areas of expertise represent your security.


If the intention is to transfer ownership to the family under an estate planning procedure of your company, our experience is that the overall challenge is always to consider and prepare in due time, meaning before it is too late. Read more about estate planning here.


In connection with mergers and acquisitions abroad, HjulmandKaptain is also capable of offering advice by means of its international cooperation partner, viz. International Jurists.


Having HjulmandKaptain as your adviser might help you see the broader perspective of the many phases in a typical transfer of ownership process, so that you will be in a stronger position to meet the challenges.