Estate Planning

HjulmandKaptain often advises our business clients in connection with the preparation and conclusion of an estate planning procedure. Estate planning is a very broad term, in our opinion, comprising everything within a spectrum stretching from a regular business transfer from a parent to a child, across management buy out (MBO), on to the other extreme end, where external investors acquire a going concern.

Estate planning is a relevant topic for all types of businesses, notwithstanding the size or type of the company concerned, how it is organised (in corporate form, personally owned), etc. Important questions to be considered may be e.g. “Is it possible to transfer your company?” and “If so, what estate planning model will be the right one in precisely your situation?”


The overall problem is always to tackle the issue in due course, considering and preparing properly, and before it is too late.


Simplistically, the estate planning procedure may be divided into three phases: Acknowledgement, attitude and action. First, you will need to acknowledge that the estate planning idea is relevant, secondly, you will need to adopt an attitude of how to handle the estate planning process, and finally, the ideas of how to conclude the estate planning procedure must be carried into effect by means of action.