You can improve your board duties by admitting a lawyer to your board of directors.

Do you need a professional adviser in your board of directors, or can you manage the task yourself?

Our recommendation is undisputed. 

The requirements today are so complex that your company will be in a stronger position with professional, experienced competence in the board of directors – and even if you can decide on other kinds of advisers than a lawyer, your advantages of a lawyer from HjulmandKaptain joining your board of directors or attached as an external adviser are numerous.


An experienced lawyer may enhance both the board of directors and the company

Boards of directors and board duties are constantly being subject to new and more complex requirements. 


These are both legislative requirements, requirements for the structure of the board duties, time-limits and expectations of complying with “best practice” within the line of business. At the same time, current subjects as sustainability, trackability, and transparency continue to increase the requirements for documentation of suppliers, cooperation partners, and others.


So, even though it may be seen as an expense, it is our experience that a lawyer as a trusted adviser – either internally in the board of directors or externally – is a decisive investment from a long-term perspective.


In that way, you can ensure that the company succeeds in setting the strategic guidelines, that the competence required is available, and at the same time that time-limits, legal requirements, and applications are duly and properly complied with.


Your advantages of HjulmandKaptain’s assistance in your board of directors

You can take advantage of us as your adviser in two ways. We can join your board of directors as a member or chairman, or we can act as your external trusted adviser.


As your external trusted adviser, we are able to see problems from other perspectives than the board members. At the same time, several companies make demands on legal capacity and clear delimitations, which you will ensure by engaging us as your trusted adviser. In addition, we will not occupy any seat in your board of directors if you opt for this solution.


As a member or chairman of your board of directors, we participate in all meetings and are deeply involved in all board duties. This ensures that our legal competence, experience, and analytic sense may be taken into account in all decisions and discussions within the board of directors because we have a seat at the table.

The optimum solution depends on your company, and we can assist you in your choice of solution.


Notwithstanding the solution opted for, we will ensure that you get the following from us: 

  • Specialised and long-term experience because most of our lawyers are already advising boards of directors of small and large companies – both as members, chairmen and externally
  • Direct access to a comprehensive network, enabling us to assist you in getting in touch with relevant partners such as accountants, banks, advisers, etc.
  • Guarantee for compliance with the legislation – and for an adviser to your board of directors, who is abreast of changes in legislation at all times
  • A structure ensuring that everything is handled duly and properly, including notices, conduct, and minutes of meetings, reports, and proper registration of applications with public authorities
  • Advice on strategy, development potential, and business plans, tailored to the company’s goals, requirements, and challenges
  • Assistance in establishing or reestablishing a board of directors


Will you improve your board duties with legal assistance from HjulmandKaptain?

We are specialists in board duties, and we are used to the role as trusted adviser. Our lawyers have experience from joining many boards of directors already, both large and small, and most of us have taken the relevant education programs for board members.


On those grounds, we are ready to assist you and your board of directors. Please do not hesitate to contact us for an introductory, non-committal talk about your options with HjulmandKaptain.

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