Leave your company formation to our lawyers in order for you to avoid hard-earned mistakes

Are you dreaming of establishing your own business? Or are you about to establish a subsidiary?

We can assist you with the formation and registration of your company, ensuring that you make the right choices and get a lawful start-up and a solid legal base.

There are more than 10 different corporate forms, each having its own advantages and risk profiles. This means that issues such as e.g. liability, growth prospects, and tax advantages or disadvantages are completely different. If you do not register the company correctly, it is unfortunately both difficult and expensive, and may even be impossible, to correct things afterwards, which may certainly impede your dream of running your own business.


In addition, one incorrect registration may result in tax disadvantages, which may be costly for the company in the long run.


So, even if you can very well establish your own company based on standard documents and templates, we advise against it – HjulmandKaptain’s legal advice on company formation is not costly and may save you a good deal of trouble and bring benefits to your company, which you would not discover yourself.


You will have many advantages by letting HjulmandKaptain establish your company

Supported by our experience, you can be sure that you will have the corporate form best suited to your requests for the business and your current situation, and at the same time securing your future interests to best effect.


Further, we advise you broadly, taken due account of all aspects surrounding the formation itself, such as the shareholders’ agreement, the corporate structure, restriction of liability, and tax advantages. These are considerations and legal matters which may significantly affect your business and possibilities; and clearly, they are best handled from the beginning. However, legal assistance is often required to identify such matters properly because they tend to be overlooked by non-professionals or treated summarily in standard templates.


What is the risk if you establish your own company?

As mentioned, it may be expensive having to change an incorrect registration later on, but it may also be impossible to undo, and in rare cases, it may even be illegal. At the same time, it may result in tax disadvantages.


If you are a financial manager or a controller, you can probably perform well yourself. However, it may be disproportionately time-consuming to establish the company properly because you do not handle these matters daily. In that case, it will often be more expedient for you to leave the task to experienced lawyers.

Further, if you have never been occupied with such matters before, it may be both excessively difficult, and the risk of errors may be too high.


In recent years, legislation in terms of anti-money laundering and financial fraud has been tightened, meaning that today there is a higher focus on establishing new companies because errors may indicate problematic activity.


HjulmandKaptain will always assist you with the following

  • Professional advice, viz not a standard product – we look at the entire business, ask questions, clarify matters such as financial standing, liability, and future ambitions to ensure that you are familiar with all advantages and disadvantages by the corporate form you choose
  • Counselling at eye level – we explain the various possibilities so that they are easily understood
  • Registration of the company with the Danish Business Authority on www.virk.dk
  • Registration with the public register of shareholders and registration of beneficial owners with the Danish Business Authority
  • Drafting of relevant documents by way of articles of association, register of shareholders, and memorandum of association
  • Advice on your corporate and group structure
  • Advice on management structure and drafting of service agreements, instructions to the executive board, contracts for the board members, rules of procedure for the board of directors, etc.
  • Advice on your advantages by the formation of a shareholders’ agreement


Entrust us with your company formation, and we will ensure that you get a successful start

HjulmandKaptain has long-standing, comprehensive experience in company formation – both with newly established companies, subsidiaries, and formations abroad, where we can draw on our collaboration with International Jurists.


As specialists within this field, we are also used to advising both companies and individuals about the possibilities, tax advantages, and the risks by the various corporate forms. In that way, we can ensure that you get the most profitable company.


Thus, we can save you a good deal of trouble, time, and money. So, please do not hesitate to contact us for a non-committal introductory talk about your situation.

Our specialists in company law