Real Estate and Construction

We advise on complex construction and site development projects, both in private and public settings. We are experts in the specific legal, financial and tax affairs and rules applying particularly to your project – right from the tender round to the finished project, sale or daily operation.

We secure all conditions relating to the real estate or the construction and act as liaison between all parties involved.


Our expertise minimizes any commercial and legal uncertainties, thereby ensuring that all parties involved know the limits of the cooperation in advance, and that you have full control over all relevant insurance and contracts.


In case of an already existing legal dispute, you can safely leave the case in our hands. We have long experience in conducting litigation and arbitration proceedings in cases concerning contracts for works on behalf of both public authorities and private businesses. Further, we have assisted in many reconstructions of building activities, having e.g. been affected by the financial crisis.


Further, we have professional knowledge within rental and lease services, keeping ourselves continuously well-informed on the latest changes and amendments of the Danish Rent Act and its consequences for you.


Special challenges

Environmental conditions may become a major item of expenditure, unless the correct steps are taken. HjulmandKaptain’s lawyers are always updated on the most recent environmental legislation, and we advise e.g. on the risk of soil pollution and financial challenges and possibilities within climate proofing and energy upgrading, and we are also familiar with sustainable building practice.