Succession and Administration of Estates

HjulmandKaptain deals with all types of estates by giving advice to private individuals on all matters in relation to succession and estate administration and by helping to decide which form of administration to apply in each specific situation.

We attend to the heirs’ interests, among other things in connection with the following:


  • Administration of the estate;
  • Advice to heirs retaining undivided possession of an estate;
  • Representation of heirs in connection with the estate administration;
  • Sale of assets, including real property;
  • Counselling on tax issues, including indirect taxes;
  • Counselling on division of inheritance;
  • Appointment of guardians;
  • Settlement of property;
  • Guardianship.


View also Family law


We have the following in-house licensed administrators:

  • Jens Stadum;
  • Erling Mortensen;
  • Lis Sørensen.


Having all acquired specialist knowledge of administration of decedent estates by means of their services for the probate courts.