Family check, free of charge

You are probably doing everything you can to take good care of your family; e.g. eating healthy food, having an active leisure time, wearing cycle helmets, observing vaccinations programs; and saving up for pensions. However, did you know that a family check, free of charge, can help you to take good care of your family from a legal point of view?

Major events in life, such as finding a partner, moving together, buying a house, living in a non-marital relationship, becoming married, having children, leaving the labour market, or maybe being divorced or losing ones spouse in case of death, do also have fundamental legal consequences, which you ought to know and consider.


Critical or acute situations are mostly attended to, whereas many people often forget or put aside the more general and common dilemmas.


Owing to our many years of experience in family law, we have therefore experienced that most of us may benefit a lot from having their family’s legal situation evaluated by means of a family check, free of charge.


A free family check may concern the following issues, among other things:


  • Have you secured each other as beneficiaries in your pension schemes?
  • Are you liable for each other’s debts as spouses?
  • Do you wish to have separate property in your marriage?
  • What will happen to your pensions in case of divorce?
  • How will your children be situated in case of your or your partner’s death?
  • Will you inherit from your cohabitant?
  • Who will inherit from you?
  • Should I/we draw up a will?
  • Are you entitled to retain undivided possession of your estate for as long as you live?
  • Who will be granted custody of your children, if you die before they reach the age of 18?
  • Who will inherit from you and your cohabitant, if you are not married?
  • Can you marry, if either of you retain undivided possession of an estate?
  • Should you and your cohabitant make an agreement concerning your matrimonial home?
  • What are the consequences, if either of you have any connections to foreign countries?


A family check consists of a meeting with a lawyer experienced in family law and administration of estates of deceased persons. During the meeting, you may ask any question that you need to clarify. The lawyer will, however, always ensure to introduce all the legal challenges that might be relevant for precisely your situation as a family.


Take good care of your family by a free family check with HjulmandKaptain – feel free to book an appointment at +4570151000.