Investment in solar panels and wind turbines on your own land

As a plot owner, installing solar cells or wind turbines may be a profitable investment, especially in the current market with an increasing effect of alternative energy sources increases and declining prices on solar panels and wind turbines.

Whether you wish to install and operate solar panels or wind turbines by yourself, or you wish to make your land available to a third party for such purpose, there are multiple financial advantages of investing in alternative energy sources. The question of the right model for you depends on several specific parameters as well as your visions for the investment.


Irrespective of the choice of model, planning is a crucial element.


The right legal, financial, and practical choices are required for making the final product attractive. Add to this of course the planning and provision of the actual underlying planning basis, which will in almost any event be a condition for installing solar panels or wind turbines. Further, the implementation may sometimes also presuppose the preparation of an environmental impact assessment (EIA).

Projects of solar energy and wind turbine are comprehensive and time consuming, and it is therefore important to consider the following questions:

  • how to manage the project in the most optimum manner,
  • with the least risk, and
  • with the maximum attainable profit for you as a plot owner.

These three parameters will be the pivot of our counselling in relation to you

Several plot owners choose to contract out the project to a developer already from the beginning, since it may seem like an immense project to manage by yourself. However, in most cases, you may be able as a plot owner to generate higher earnings from the project without taking a higher financial risk if you handle at least the provision of the underlying planning basis yourself. This is where we can assist you, so that you can decide later on whether to contract out the project to a developer or to carry out yourself all or part of the installation and participate in the operation of the solar panels and the wind turbines.


As your personal adviser, we help you to navigate between these strategic considerations, so that you can make the right decisions.


How to gain most value from your solar cell or wind turbine project

If you enter into cooperation with HjulmandKaptain on a project development, you can keep any profits from the project to yourself.


Consequently, such cooperation with HjulmandKaptain is an alternative to surrender your farmland, assign an option to buy, enter into a lease agreement, or give power of attorney to a developer.


Apart from guaranteeing a solid legal foundation, you may consider us your personal project manager and trusted adviser, capable of ensuring that you keep ownership of the project along with any financial profits.  

If later on you opt for a sale, in full or in part, we shall be pleased to guide you through any negotiations for such sale for the purpose of ensuring that you get the most profitable solution.


Further, HjulmandKaptain cooperates closely with other independent consultancy companies, such as accountants and chartered surveyors, who are likewise prepared to work for you on the above terms.


A genuine interest

Our settlement model implies that we share the project in the sense that we accept to take the risks involved throughout the entire process. Consequently, our settlement of fees considers both the result achieved and the financial subject-matter.


If you dispose of farmland and have an interest in investing in solar energy or wind turbines, please feel free to contact us for a non-committal and confidential talk. You can reach us directly on the telephone numbers below or via the contact form.


Whether your land is already designated as an area for solar panels or wind turbine, or you have still not come to accept the possibility of obtaining such designation, or whether or not the underlying planning basis has been procured, or you have not come to terms with the extent to which you can or will be involved the project, please feel free to contact us. The purpose of your conservation with us will be precisely to clarify these matters, and any such introductory conversation is naturally free of charge.