The energy area is at times extremely complex, requiring, apart from legal skills, a high degree of insight in this particular business and the commercial challenges faced by the energy sector.

For the purpose of providing actually value-adding counselling in this specific area, it is essential to the adviser to allow for not only the legal, but also the technical, financial and commercial problems.

Such insight can only be acquired by continuously advising the operators in this line of business, which is what HjulmandKaptain’s energy and infrastructure team has been doing for a number of years – in relation to both Danish and foreign clients.


Owing to the national objective, among other things, to supply 30% of Denmark’s energy consumption in 2020 by means of renewal energy, HjulmandKaptain has invested considerable resources in this specific area, such as consultancy competence in problems related to offshore and onshore wind turbines, of which Danish operators occupy an essential part.


In addition, we make use of the opportunity of posting our own employees with our clients for short- or long-term periods for the purpose of preserving an even closer contact with the business and the challenges thereof. These achieved skills are highly beneficial to our clients, our client portfolio consisting of both major Danish and foreign energy operators, including cleantech companies, suppliers, operators, public authorities and utility companies.