HjulmandKaptain is characterized by a special talent for linking legal areas of specialization with a profound understanding of the line of business and technology in general. We have professional experience within matters applying to the changeable technology business and are not limited by geography. In addition, we are experts within areas as the Danish Data Protection Act, online trading and press law all over the world.

We are specialists in drafting contracts and agreements concerning IT transactions, outsourcing, purchase and sale, protection of intellectual property rights, employment and dismissal. We are pleased to participate in negotiations for the purpose of drafting international contracts. In overall terms, we have a strong international profile and are able to advise on tax affairs, VAT and duties all over the world.


Further, we have a strong network of investors and can advice on opportunities for capital investments.


Special challenges

Globalization and constantly increased competition, new technology and new distribution forms are all essential features in the technology business. This increases the need for protecting intellectual property rights and continuously understanding new legislation all over the world.


Companies in the technology business are often met by customers’ requirements for improved service at constantly lower prices – this requires a cross-functional, international counselling with a profound knowledge of the business.