Purchase and Sale of Real Estate

If your business is in search for new premises, or if you have found a possible investment property or something quite different, we can help you handle the formalities, while you concentrate on other issues.

HjulmandKaptain advises private individual and companies in all matters relating to the purchase and sale of commercial properties.


Dependent on the character of the premises, there might be specific problems for buyers and sellers of commercial properties to be aware of.


These may consist in the special relations to the lessees in connection with the purchase or sale of a rental property, and further, environmental issues, including e.g. soil pollution, are important for many kinds of commercial properties.


In relation to agricultural real estate, e.g. the commercial conditions of agricultural legislation and any exemption clauses thereunder are issues requiring special treatment and examination. HjulmandKaptain has wide experience in and is capable of advising on all kinds of questions in relation to the purchase and sale of special real estate.


Among other things, we may assist you with the following


  • Negotiations of terms and prices;
  • due diligence report (the seller’s duty of disclosure);
  • traditional property management;
  • public tender law;
  • process management of property investments abroad (“Cross Border”);
  • forced sales.


We can assist you with all kinds of issues, right from agricultural real estate to restaurants. We adapt to your needs.


Before entering into an agreement


PLEASE REMEMBER THAT A LAWYER’s APPROVAL CONTINGENCY MUST BE STATED IN THE PURCHASE AGREEMENT before you sign it! We approve the agreement in its entirety, and not just the legal parts thereof; thus, ensuring that you obtain the required security.


If you do not live nearby


Do not worry – the geographical location does not matter to us! Contact us on  +45 7015 1000 or mail@70151000.dk for more information.