Utility model

“The short-term patent”

Is typically relevant for:

  • Technical products


A utility model is often referred to as a “short-term patent”, likewise comprising protection of technical inventions, though in a simplified version. As opposed to a patent having a duration of 20 years from the filing date, the registration of a utility model only enjoys protection for 10 years. The greatest advantage of a utility model is that the requirements for the level of inventiveness are less stringent, meaning that even quite simple inventions are protectable provided they meet the lower requirements of the so-called inventive step applying to utility models.


Further, utility models have the advantage that they may be combined with a patent right, which may be an advantage in certain situations. As opposed to patents, utility models are, however, not capable of registration for processes.


Whether as a rightsholder, you should opt for the registration of a utility model in preference to patent protection depends on both strategic and economic considerations. HjulmandKaptain has experience in application processes as well as maintaining and enforcing utility model registrations.