Bearing each other in mind – also when it comes to pension plans

Pension is an area affecting us all – but only controlled by few. Pension is a difficult matter, and it is not always easy to navigate in the newest relevant legislation. Nevertheless, it may be worth while to try to understand the family’s situation in terms of pension, as you may soon find yourself on thin ice, if you fail to secure yourself and each other.

For tax purposes, you may often be recommended to give priority to the pension savings of the family member paying the highest taxes. This means in practice that pension savings are typically made in the man’s name. As men’s wages are generally higher than women’s wages, this will often result in a distortion of spouses’ pension savings over the years.


Although, a divorce may hopefully never become relevant for you, changes in the pensions legislation imply that your pension schemes are not divided in case of separation, divorce or death. In case of a divorce, you are therefore not automatically entitled to half of your spouse’s pension savings. The pension saver maintains all rights to the pension. It is therefore important for you to seek relevant advice in time and, if required, draw up a marriage contract securing the division of your pension savings.


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