Environmental requirements for the agricultural sector

The rules and regulations governing the environmental requirements for the agricultural sector have become more complex over time, and it is therefore crucial that as an owner of a modern agricultural establishment, you are aware of all the possible pitfalls.

Agriculture is an industry highly affected by environmental regulations, which makes heavy demands on each agricultural holding and often requires sparring with professional advisers.


HjulmandKaptain assists many agricultural holdings in connection with all kinds of environmental and planning conditions, including obtaining of permissions under the Danish Planning Act, public regulations, permissions to expand or reorganise production, pollution issues, etc.


Pollution and environmental damage

A particularly exposed area within the agricultural sector is the area of pollution and environmental damage.

Environmental damage poses a great risk to the whole business community; however, the agricultural sector is particularly exposed to a great extent, being subject to much more frequent controls in respect of environmental requirements than any other industry.


Environmental damage in agriculture often occurs in connection with storage or distribution of animal fertilizers, use of pesticides, or in connection with other kinds of damage, e.g. fire damage or traffic accidents.

Any such damage may be comprehensive (and not always covered by insurance). It is therefore important to take all environmental risks into account and consider how any damage may be prevented or limited.


How to obtain specialised advice

HjulmandKaptain’s counselling ensures that you have an overview of all the risks to be taken into account, and in case of accidents or sanctions being imposed on you, HjulmandKaptain is prepared to advise on the legitimacy of any such sanction and on any possible action to take.