Educational expense agreements according to Danish law

Many employers are often met with requests of continuing education from their employees. Continuing education often involves heavy expenses and requires that the employees spend their working hours attending classes and preparing for and passing exams.

You may agree with your employees on reimbursement in full or in part of the educational expenses if e.g. they fail to complete their education or resign before the expiry of a certain period. Such agreements may demand reimbursement of the educational expenses from the employee if e.g. the employee resigns within 2 years after completing the education, subject to a proportionate reduction of the reimbursement depending on the time elapsed of the 2 years.


Such agreements are valid; however, they may not be unreasonably unfair for the employee, and further, they must be clear and comprehensible to the employee. Therefore, it is important to seek legal advice before entering into any such educational expense agreement.


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