What should a contract of employment include?

When employing new employees, you shall as an employer ensure that the contract of employment meets the prevailing statutory requirements.

Basically, much standard information ought to –and is sometimes required to – be specified in a contract of employment, such as information regarding salary or wages, notice period, working hours, job title, overtime pay, any maternity pay if such information deviates from the statutory minimum requirements, holidays, and personal data processing in reference to the employment.


It is essential that you check if the employee is subject to a collective agreement, and further, you must also consider if the 120-day rule and/or any other specific clauses, such as non-compete or non-solicitation clauses, must be incorporated in the contract.


It is important that the contract of employment s states all the terms and conditions of applying to the employment.


HjulmandKaptain has experience with both standard contracts, individual contracts, contracts for salaried and non-salaried employees, contracts for employees appointed on a group contract basis, and executive service agreements. We also assist in determining whether or not an employee is a salaried employee as defined in the Danish Salaries Act, all for the purpose of securing your company to best effect.


If you require legal assistance in relation to your company’s contracts of employment, or if you have any problems related to employment law, please feel free to contact us.