As a specialized procurement and construction law attorney, Jeanne Schou has built extensive experience within the complex legal landscape of the construction industry, both with regard to public and private clients.


Jeanne has successfully advised clients on various procurement and construction law matters for many years. This includes, for example, drafting tender documents, contract work, negotiations, and dispute resolution. Jeanne's in-depth understanding of both legislation and industry practices provides her with a solid foundation for delivering tailored legal solutions to her clients.


Jeanne's focus on procedural work also involves providing efficient representation for clients in court, arbitration, or alternative dispute resolution mechanisms.


As a leading attorney, Jeanne has spearheaded complex public procurement processes and supported private construction projects, all while ensuring legal compliance and optimal risk management. She draws upon her experiences from previous positions within public authorities, where she has an in-depth understanding of the workflows, in addition to her legal expertise.


The client portfolio includes public authorities as well as medium-sized and smaller businesses – both Danish and international.


As the head of the procurement team at HjulmandKaptain, Jeanne ensures the necessary legal expertise in advising on procurement law at HjulmandKaptain.


In addition to her practical experience, Jeanne has significant teaching experience in subjects such as procurement law and construction law.


While primarily based in Aalborg, Aarhus, and Hjørring, Jeanne serves clients throughout the country