EU law

EU Law

Many business affairs, indeed far more than believed by most people, are subject to EU law, meaning that EU-law has great influence over most business areas.

The following are examples of areas directly influenced by EU law: EU tenders, EU competition law, government aid, joint ventures, cooperation agreements, cartel and merger control, personal data, distribution, agency, franchising, and licence agreements, as well as environmental, agricultural, and antidumping regulations. These are merely selected areas directly influenced by EU law by means of legislation enacted within the EU.

HjulmandKaptain ensures continuous updating at all times of those responsible for the areas of expertise concerned in respect of the latest development within their respective fields of EU law.

In addition, our EU law team ensures that any other EU regulation is being considered in every respect.

Among other things, this applies to the continuously increasing “indirect” importance of EU law, requiring specific focus on the EU treaty, which includes a large number of rights for the benefit of companies and individuals acting across borders.

The purpose of the EU treaty is to prevent companies and individuals from being discriminated or from experiencing business transactions abroad as being more complicated than experienced by the foreign country’s own companies. Consequently, the treaty is significant for the so-called national anti-avoidance rules, viz. the rules for the protection of national companies at the expense of foreign companies, which is only legal in very few situations under the EU treaty.

HjulmandKaptain assists and advises on all legal affairs in respect of the EU, whether actual disputes or legal opinions on EU law of current interest in specific cases. Further, we are experienced in conducting cases before the European Court of Justice.

Further, our EU team prepares legal memos and opinions on behalf of companies, public authorities and other advisers.

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