How to get your money!

How to get your money!

A deal is a deal. That is the way it should be, but unfortunately, not everybody keeps agreements, when it comes to paying a bill. It is most unsatisfactory if you do not receive payment of your entitlements, and if you must pay others for collecting or recovering a debt. We wish to put things right at HjulmandKaptain. If you choose to cooperate with us, we shall do everything possible to ensure that the debtor pays his debt; both the specific debt to you as well as our costs. That is what we call a fair solution.

Debtors must pay

If you entrust HjulmandKaptain with the collection or recovery of a claim, we shall be at your service. Our aim is to protect your interests, both when it comes to justice and finances.

If you succeed on your claim, our costs are generally payable by the debtor. Depending on the character of the case, you may, however, risk having to pay some costs.

Remember to submit all documents

When referring a claim for collection, please remember to send us the following:

  • Documentation by way of invoice, instrument of debt, purchase contract, or the like;
  • copies of reminders;
  • statements of accounts;
  • any offers, order confirmations or general terms and conditions available;
  • any objections from the debtor – even if you might find these unfounded.

and we shall take care of the rest

Upon receipt of the information required from you, we will send a reminder for payment to the debtor. If the debtor is still unwilling to pay, the case will be brought before the enforcement court, where one of our lawyers will conduct your case. If the debtor owns anything valuable, a forced sale might be a possibility.

Ready for collection proceedings

There are several formalities to be remembered, before your case is ready to be referred for collection:

  • to state the debtor’s name, address and any company name correctly in the invoice;
  • to state the debtor’s CVR registration number or personal identification number;
  • to state the corporate form, e.g. A/S or ApS;
  • to charge a fee of DKK 100 for each reminder – however, only for up to three reminders in total;
  • to charge interest 30 days upon the demand for payment. The allowed interest rate is the official lending rate plus 7%; however, there are other possibilities for business clients;
  • to give notice to the debtor as to the reference of the collection proceedings to a law firm after the expiry of a 10-days’ deadline and to inform the debtor about the accrual of additional costs.

Please feel free to contact our debt collection sector in case of questions or need for advice on tel.: +45 7015 1000 or email to:

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