HjulmandKaptain has acceded to the Danish Law Code


The Danish Law Code “AdvokatKodeks” is a voluntary arrangement under the Association of Danish Law Firms. The arrangement implies that we comply with the following five principles loyally and proactively:


Openness and transparency


  • Offering free access to legal aid and “Advokatvagten”, i.e. “lawyers offering free legal consultation”;
  • Solving legal problems by means of price reductions for charity organisations, associations, et al.


Visible social responsibility


  • Participating in voluntary activities within associations and organisations or giving credit to employees for such voluntary activities;
  • Supporting association activities, education or culture, e.g. via grants, prize awards, etc.;
  • Laying down guide lines against corruption;
  • Assuming the obligation to educate youngsters, e.g. by means of trainee education programs, etc.;
  • Offering flex jobs, corporate trainee positions, job training, etc.;
  • Granting donations for charitable purposes.


Handling ethic dilemmas


  • Maintaining a set of rules or procedures for handling ethic dilemmas, if occurring;
  • Working on ethic guide lines for individual areas, e.g. clients, safeguarding of interests, cooperation partners, political involvement, gifts;
  • Maintaining internal guide lines for speculation, money laundering, investments, tax fraud, etc.;
  • Having an ethics committee with a partner being responsible for the firm’s ethics, complaint procedure, guidance, etc.;
  • Using declarations of confidentiality;
  • Recommending solutions scaling down conflicts, e.g. mediation.


Modern management focusing on clients


  • Recognising and explaining the firm’s values and the importance thereof to the client;
  • Measuring and following up on client satisfaction in respect of solutions to problems;
  • Recognising the company’s competence to solve specific problems;
  • Exposing cases or topics of public interest, e.g. on website, LinkedIn or the like;
  • Providing the client with a personal adviser, ensuring a personal and direct service, irrespective of the kind of legal competence required;
  • Offering various opportunities for the client to get into contact with the lawyer, e.g. a personal meeting at the lawyer’s or the client’s premises, online meetings, etc.;
  • Describing the backup possibilities offered to the client in the lawyer’s absence;
  • Offering access to web archive, video conference, skype meetings, etc.


and employees


  • Describing how to meet the compulsory training requirements for lawyers;
  • Offering professional and relevant supplementary education for all groups of employees;
  • Describing specific career prospects for the individual employee;
  • Offering flexible employment conditions by way of flexible jobs, personal planning of holidays, home offices;
  • Setting clear targets and directions and communicating these to the employees;
  • Ensuring that the employees have influence on their daily professional life and the firm’s development;
  • Involving joint consultative committees and project groups in case of major changes;
  • Measuring employee satisfaction in connection with employee surveys;
  • Offering trainee periods to students;
  • Organizing individual workplaces focusing particularly on job satisfaction;
  • Arranging social events;
  • Implementing management evaluation;
  • Offering health arrangements, health insurance, massage, free fruit, common jogging programs, etc.


Variety and diversity as a strength


  • Maintaining a senior policy, e.g. by providing possibilities for scaling down, considering physical and mental problems, etc.;
  • Having a phase of life policy, meeting the employees’ requirements;
  • Enabling young employees to develop their potentials;
  • Providing flexible job arrangements, focusing on the employees’ differences;
  • Working purposely on flexible networks across our profession or in cooperation with other lines of business;
  • Employing an employee from abroad or cooperating with lawyers from other countries.