Transport and Logistics

HjulmandKaptain is the country’s leading law firm within transport and logistics. Not less than 15% of all our activities attach to this sector – either to sea, air or road transport.


For 30 years, we have been the permanent legal adviser to ITD, the Trade Organisation for the Danish Road Transport of Goods, having 700 members. In 2015, we began a unique legal cooperation, having together founded the company “HjulmandKaptain ITD”, which provides legal assistance to transport companies – not least in terms of preventive law by means of e.g. goods insurance and establishing order in all kinds of contracts.

We are experts nationally and internationally in employment law, taxation, and insurance, providing advice to both major and small transport and logistics companies. We have broad knowledge about the business and can help you inviting or submitting tenders. Our expert knowledge within preventive law in the logistics and transport business is based on decades of experience and specialization.


By means of our strong international profile, we can help you legally, irrespective of where in the world you are involved in a disagreement. We have knowledge of the business, providing specialized consultancy within company and financial law, tax and contract law and assistance in relations to authorities all over the world. Our expertise covers all areas within transport law and all legal issues following in the aftermath of carrying on logistics business.


Special challenges

The conditions for the transport and logistics business are constantly changing, both nationally and globally. The boundaries are becoming increasingly more fluid – e.g. in relation to EU law on outsourcing of the car production.


Working environment standards and environmental requirements are being increasingly intensified at the same time as the transport buyers are expecting secure and precise transport at competitive prices. Accordingly, companies in the sector have focus on optimizing operation and cutting costs.


HjulmandKaptain is fully capable of solving transport problems in relation to organizational and legal conditions. Among other things, we can advise on corporate structure and drafting of terms of business.