Commercial Foundations

Commercial foundations are subject to a number of statutory requirements and a special supervisory authority requiring knowledge of the mode of operation of foundation authorities.

Legislation for commercial foundations has been substantially altered in 2015, resulting in a number of new and more rigorous requirements to both existing and new commercial foundations. HjulmandKaptain can assist in this connection, e.g. by reviewing and updating the trust deed, ensuring that the board of trustees has drawn up the statutory rules of procedure and assisting in controlling that the foundation meets the Recommendations on professional foundations management.


In addition, HjulmandKaptain provides advice on the following issues in relation to commercial foundations:


  • Choice of organizational form;
  • establishment of commercial foundations;
  • board assignments;
  • rules on the capital of commercial foundations;
  • questions of awarding;
  • amendments to trust deed;
  • negotiations with foundation authorities.