Custody and Child Support

If you are facing a separation or a divorce, and there are children involved, it is important that the divorce is handled as gently as possible. It is often difficult for children to adapt to the new everyday life. Missing their mum and dad and perhaps relating to having two places called “home”.

During your marriage, you had joint custody. This will also be the normal situation after your separation or divorce.


You must agree on and arrange for your children to stay with either of you. If you fail to agree on your children’s future residence, or in case of other problems, you may request assistance from the State Administration.


If you are not on speaking terms, legal advice may be a good idea, as we may in that way attend to your interests.


Child Support

If you have joint custody, and your children’s everyday life is shared equally between you, neither of you will need to pay child support.


If your children are staying primarily with one of you, it is normal for the other party to pay child support.

The child support payment is fixed on the basis of the contributory’s income situation.


If you fail to agree on the child support payment, you may ask the State Administration to fix the exact amount.


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